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This is the Fennville Fruit Exchange which is served by the West RR Siding. 
To the west of the Exchange was the County Road Commission garage. My Grandfather worked there.
To the right of Exchange or just south, is the Fennville Milling Company where I have purchased many bags of rabbit pellets and hay.
This  next south area was probably the most miss treated part of town ecology wise. The waste storage area of the Sanocide Spray Company. A lot of sulfur smell.
This is the Consumers Power Company, where my Dad, Red Hutchins worked.
The Michigan Fruit Canning Company. My mother worked here 1940, 1941. I worked one week in 1951.  Several relatives have made their career here. There were empty crates stacked 20 high along the south side of the factory. My friends and I used to create tunnels, maybe a block long, in them. We could have easily been hurt very bad.
The Rail Road Box Cars served the factory in two ways, they brought empty cartons and cans to be filled and took canned fruits or vegtables away. It was a great attraction to see the cans roll out of the cars into the factory.
In 1943 My sister and I were living with my Grand Parents who lived out at Hutchins Lake. I was in the 3rd Grade and after school I would wait for Grand-dad to come in with the big road grader to get a ride home. Well I, many times, went over to the factory to see Army MP's with their tommy guns, guarding the German Prisons of War. They lived in a camp built especially for them, near the Allegan Dam.
The Rail Road had a snow plow they sometimes stored on the siding south of the factory. Of course we kids used this a lot as a play ground item.