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This 2nd depot is just to left of word "Depot".  See the 1st Depot.    There is no depot now.
Across the street, is the Pool Hall. Tabor Drug Store is just to it's left and Rosenow Garage is to the right, also being the Allis-Chalmers Dealer.
 This was "OUR THEATER". A very active theater in our day. Movies were 10 cents. Musicals were S,M,T. Westerns were T,F,S with a serial such as "Sky King". Under the same roof was "Van Hartesveldt's CompleteFood Market. Mom and I both worked there at the same time, starting in about 1952. To the left of the theater, in 1949 was King's Soda Fountain which later opened in to Dickinson's Hardware.
This was the U.S. Post Office. Mom worked here from 1944 until about 1950. I many times was in back waiting for her. I also picked up my papers, Grand Rapids Herald, early in the morning to deliver to about 31 customers over the entire town for 2-3 years. I rode my bicycle in the summer but walked in the winter.
To the left was Cady's "OUR RESTAURANT". Their restaurant located across the corner to the east in an old filling station. Their restaurant was always a halve way point on my paper route for toast and milk.
The Fire Station and City Hall. It also has a Jail.
 herThis was the Fennville Hardware owned by the Erlewein's. They also sold Case Farm Machinery.
To the left was the Fennville Lumber Company, owned by John Case. I worked there on Saturdays some times. John got me my job with Daverman's in Grand Rapids in 1956, where I started my career in Telecommunications.