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This was the U.S. Post Office. Mom worked here from 1944 until about 1950. I many times was in back waiting for her. I also picked up my papers, Grand Rapids Herald, early in the morning to deliver to about 31 customers over the entire town for 2-3 years. I rode my bicycle in the summer but walked in the winter.
This was the John Deere Dealer, on the back street. In front, to the left of Post Office was Dickinson's Hardware. Next door, to the east, is OUR THEATER.
This big house on the back street, was the 1st house we lived in after Mom married Red Hutchins in 1946, after he came back from the war in europe.  Behind it, and east, is City Hall. When we lived there the jail was in our back yard.
At the top of photo is a big field used by the school to play football. A good field was built, see the north west of photo.