Elevation 800 ft.
Is in BAXTER County
It was late in the afternoon and 84 miles from
Branson, Vern and Letha arrived at Overlook Drive,  to see how the house they had built back in 1975, looked today. Except for the trees and shrubbery it looked the same, no added garage, a gravel drive. They loved this house that they designed together. The kids liked it too. Moving on was hard and they lost several thousand dollars on the sale that took many months. 

They then located the Comfort Inn for a one night stay. It was brand new and one of the best they have encountered.

After checking in they drove out past Baxter Labs to visit Larry and Jane Ritter who lived a couple doors from them. After a good visit they all went out to dinner together and visited more. cont. below

Back at their house, Vern made a map on their computer to show where they lived, all were tired, and they said their goodby's.  The next morning, after enjoying the motels breakfast, Vern and Letha took off for Mansfield, Missouri - 15 miles to state line and then 68 miles to The Wilder Homestead.

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