FATE Links
FATE Links
The word "FATE" traces back to the Latin word fatum, meaning
"that which has been spoken,"
 and something that's your fate is a done deal, not open to revision.

Similar to the way our genes determine our looks and the way we age, Astrology determines our temperament, our energy and how we focus our lives.

 Our genetics are fixed, and the same is true of our astrological composition.
It is charted at our birth, and it will never change. In this way,
Astrology does determine our fate.
Our lives are colored by our signs, and no matter how hard we try,
we can never change them.
We are surrounded by stars, but some are more special to us.
Because Earth ORBIT's around the Sun,
Again and again, we see the sun against the same stars,
(The Constellations of the Zodiac)