Three SCORE LISTS are maintained
LOCAL scores are kept on your computer, like here are Vern's and Letha's
You can play several games a day but only your highest score will be remembered.
That high score is shone in blue letters,
here only 2 rounds were completed - i.e. just for this demo.
Looking down the BEST WORD column you can see my best word so far is "BUGGING"

After you quit game, make sure your name registerd for the current game.
The page above displays first.
Click on DAILY TAB displays page below. My score being so low, displays my
Rank as 589th for the day. That means at least that many in the world
were playing the game, if they went on line before they quit.

ALL TIME high scores are quite high, I'll never get there - WHAT A CHALLANGE.
We are playing with persons from England, Africa, Australia, where ever.

Click on "MAIN MENU"