The game starts with Round "1" - turns left "20"
That means you have 20 chances to guess the phrase behind the little gray balls
The category here is "QUOTATIONS", it will always be different.

One way to play is find the vowels.
This time I chose to see if there was an "O".
The first letter of a word you can find determines the letter to fit the phrase.
I first clicked "O" then "U" then "T", letters adjacent to each.
Then I double clicked the "T" which is same as SUBMIT WORD.

The Six "O's" in the phrase were displayed and my score became 150.

Then I thought the first word could be "LOOK"
so I entered the word "Link"

That was wrong, no "L" in phrase 400 points were added.
Notice small blue letters above the score, it shows which letters you have used.
Notice also, one of the "A's in red field has been marked "FREE"

So I went for the word "SAG" and got two more letters to the phrase.

The last letter I needed was "W" so I entered "WIPE"
That DID IT - ballons started flying and popping.
As a BONUS, I got 4250 points for having turns left "10"
multiplyed time value of largest word value "425"

Notice in light grey letters it says "CLICK ANYWHERE TO CONTINUE"

The next round come up - Category "Things"
But this time you only get 19 turns to guess phrase,
i.e. the number of turns keeps going down on each round of the current game.

You can also press the "Guess Phrase" button at any time if you know it,
but you get more points if phrase is found with entering words.
There is other information behind the games "HELP" button, (not here)
Press "MENU" to go back to the START screen to