1885 Bull Train between Sturgis and Deadwood
In the museum, these two photos of Bull Trains caught Vern's eye so he took a photo of them as they appeared in a glass case.  Remembering that Calamity Jane worked on such a train.

Gold Rush Supplies freighted in Rapid City, Sturgis and Deadwood.
The Bull Trains consisted of 6 to 8 oxen hitched to three wagons, called the lead, swing, and trail wagons. The lead wagon would carry about 60 percent of the load, the swing wagon about 25 percent, and the trail wagon about 15 percent. In all about 15 tons of freight could be carried by a bull team. The bulls, or oxen, were broken in as four-year-old steers, used for about four years and then sold for beef. Bull train transportation however was only possible for about eight months of the year while pastures were available. It is not surprising then that bull trains would later be replaced by more efficient methods of transportation.                           From "History of A Prairie Community"


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