When watching the 1990's TV series about this town, we did not know it existed.
It is S.E. of Mountain Home about 75 miles.
Rural Evening Shade, Arkansas, was the setting for this laid-back ensemble comedy. The focus of the series was easygoing Wood Newton, who had, in his youth, been a star running back on the local high school football team before going on to college and pro football. Now he was back home coaching the team, the Evening Shade Mules, which had not         won a game in more than two years. Wood's family consisted  of Ava, his wife of sixteen years; Taylor, the careful quarterback on the high school team; and little Molly and Will. Ava's father, Evan, Publisher of the local newspaper, who was dating the town's voluptuous but dimwitted stripper, Fontana Beausoleil. Other regulars included Ava's outspoken aunt Frieda; Harlan Elldridge, the town's cranky physician;             Merleen Elldridge, Harlan's lusty wife; Herman Stiles, the wimpy math teacher who served as assistant footbal coach; and Ponder Blue, the philosophical proprietor of the Barbecue Villa, the restaurant where many of the townspeople hung out. In the last episode of the first season Ava gave birth to a daughter, Emily.

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