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DIVORCED Husband of Lois (Sheckler) (Bouwman) Hutchins
He married Mom, age 18, in 1934 age 29.
Father of Herman LaVerne, Carolyn Jean, & Arleen Lois Bouwman
Grandfather of Bryan LaVerne and Kelly Lynn Bouwman

He was born in Grandville, MI on March 11, 1905 and started School there.
The son of Jacob and Elizabeth Bouwman, immigrants to Michigan from the Netherlands.
He had 4 brothers, John, Benjamin, Peter, and Jack
plus 4 sisters, Carrie, Dora, Elizabeth and Gertrude.

At times, Herman worked in his brother Peter's building company. He was know to be a good tiler.
The Bouwman's lived in the north section of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He was known to us as a person we could not afford to be associated with since Arleen
was born in 1939.  He went to Fennville while on parole in 1949 to see LaVerne, where
he stopped a Birkholz boy on the street. The boy got LaVerne to run up to see them in
a car by the post office. All Vern remembers is there was a woman with him.        
His son, Vern has comments.

Herman, Alias "Slim" Prison # 87821, w/ blue eyes, brown hair, and 6.0 ft. tall was        
convicted and sent to prison 3 times. Not including unknown times served in county jails.        

Vern visited him in 1959 just before got married. See: Prison Visit.        

His last contact to one of his siblings was through  Christmas Cards, to LaVerne.          

He died on the streets of Grand Rapids on May 11, 1967
and was buried in Garfield Park Cemetery.     

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Crime No.1

Sentenced on 8-2-39 in Allegan, MI for Max. 28 years. Sent to Jackson State Prison
At this time he lived at 413 Russell St., Allegan ,  was 34 yrs. old, and slim at 157 lbs.
His occupation was listed as Truck Driver for Allegan County Road Comm.
He was paroled 3 times and released from parole on Dec. 23, 1953
Crime No.2

Sentenced 10-22-54 in Lansing, MI for Max. 5 years. Sent to Jackson State Prison
At this time he lived at 820 Prospect, Lansing,  was 49 yrs. old, and med. slim at 199 lbs.
His occupation was listed as Sheet Metal Worker.
3 mo. of term, Jan-Mar 1957 was served in Marquette State Prison, Released 5-9-58
Crime No.3

Sentenced on 3-20-59 in Lansing MI for Max. 15 years. Sent to Jackson State Prison
At this time he lived at 3069 Pheasant St., Lansing, was 54 yrs., iron gray hair and 202 lbs.
His occupation was listed as Tile Setter which was his 1st trade in 1930's.
He was paroled on 8-2-62 and Released on 1-12-64

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