Homeland of

Jacob Bouwman

Uithuizen is where Jacob Bouwman was born on September 27, 1869.
'man who tills the land' - 'man die het land bebouwt'

Uithuizen  is one of the most northern and eastern municipalities in the province of Groningen, Netherlands. Uithuizen looks out over huge farms to the north and into the Wadden Sea. Many people from Germany crossed over to Groningen and vice versa in the 1700-1800's due to the lack of border control and also people went to places where there was work. Most Bouwman's migrated west where the majority now live in province Gelderland in central Netherlands.
Jacob's father Jan "John" (28)  and Duurke (24) married May 5, 1866 in Uithuizen, Groningen, Netherlands. Three years after Jacob was born, his parents immigrated to the U.S. with their 4 children.
Jan, a farm hand, was the son of Jacob Jans Bouwman, day laborer and Janna Pieters Werkman
Duurke, was the daughter of Derk Baltus Smit and Catrina Luurts Huizinga
Jacob married about 1889, ELIZABETH NOORD. In the same year as Jacob, Elizabeth was born March 17, 1869 in Ezinge, Netherlands. She arrived in the U.S. much later at the age of 16. 
In the 1910 census, Jacob Bouwman and Elizabeth, their 8 children and Jacob's father John (then age 73 and a widow) were living in Wyoming Township, County of Kent, Michigan and Jacob was working as a farmer.
See Ezinge
The shallows at the village of Uithuizen were the subject of a struggle in the 19th century for reclamation of the land. However, compromise was possible. When the dikes were made, the farmhouses and the land were placed inside them and the problem was solved.  The character of the seaside area is created by the wetlands. These are normally partly dry and, therefore, it is possible for sheep to graze there. Also, the shallows were responsible for all the skid, which makes it difficult for the ships to reach this harbor.

Uithuizen is all arable land with huge farms and some old castles. It adopted a flag on 2 Feb. 1950, derived partly from the CoA, pointing at the green meadows, the yellow corn and the deep blue sea (actually at that point not so very deep).
Jarig Bakker, 5 Jun 2003

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